Drain Cleaning & Unblocking

Our dedicated team of highly trained and experienced drainage engineers are armed with both the knowledge and equipment to solve any drainage problem that you may have at your home or business

We Cover all Aspects of Domestic & Commercial Drainage:

External Drains

Cleaning and clearing of all external foul drainage systems

Internal Drains

Blocked toilets, sinks and all interior drains and plumbing

Storm & Rainwater

Storm drains, rainwater pipes and roof drains

Electronic Drain Location

Highly accurate drain tracing and location technology

Root Cutting

Root cutting to slow the ingress of fine roots and prolong the lifetime of your drain


Removal of hard scale or deposit that may be in your drains

We use a range of job specific methods including:

High Pressure Water Jetting (HPWJ)

High Pressure Water Jetting is the process of pumping pressurised water through a hose with a specially designed nozzle to create a jet of high pressure water, which pulls itself through the drain, breaking up any blockages and cleaning the pipe. We use this environmentally friendly method very frequently, It is a versatile and highly effective technique for cleaning grease, fat, de-scaling, unblocking and cleaning drains. We have a range of specialist HPWJ equipment capable of jetting a wide array of drainage system and pipe diameters.

Electro-Mechanical Cable Machines

Electro- Mechanical Cable Machines work by feeding a length of rotating wound spring down the drain. We can use these in small and large bore (32mm to 150mm) pipes- and these allow a blockage to be cleared in a fully charged system where more water cannot be added. These machines have the ability to remove wipes & rags, fine roots and provide excellent accessibility with the ability to reach blockages around multiple bends.

Milling Machines

We have specialist Milling machines which we use for removal of hard scale and deposits in pipes made from various materials (PVC, Fireclay, Cast iron etc.) We also have specially designed cutting heads which can remove concrete, failed liners and patches from drains.

We also have a large range of equipment from our extensive commercial work which is available for the domestic market should it be needed at little or no extra cost.

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